of Branded Content Appears In Users’ Facebook News Feed Organically


of Businesses Advertising on Social Media use Facebook Ads


of B2B Companies Surveyed Have Used Linkedin Paid Ads to Acquire Customers


of Users Say They’ve Bought a Product They Discovered on Instagram

Services Included:

  • Audience Targeting Research

  • Copywriting & Preparing Ad Creatives as per Ad Format

  • Campaign Set-up, Monitoring and Optimization

  • Weekly Reporting of Ad Performance

Social Media Advertising

In order to maximize your visibility on social media platforms, paid marketing campaigns have become a necessity. The days of simply posting on social and expecting all your followers to see everything are over. Paying for ads allows you to reach people that you may not have been able to reach organically. The precise targeting options on social media also allow you to specifically target people within a certain location or those interested in specific topics, vastly increasing the chance that you reach an audience which is more likely to engage with your brand and convert into a customer or client.

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